How to Book

Booking your child's party is easy, just follow the steps below and give your child a unique party to remember!

Prior to Booking

Consider where the bus will park (you may need to use a village hall / pub car park).
Check our Terms & Conditions/Terms of Play and FAQs for all the information you need - we'll be happy to help with any specific enquiries when you contact us.

How to Book

Step 1

Call or e-mail us to check if your required date / time is available

Step 2

After confirmation that you wish to proceed we will reserve your slot 

We will send you a Provisional Booking Form to complete which must be returned to us within 7 days along with your £50 deposit to provisionally secure your party booking.

Step 3 

We will send you a Confirmation of Booking Form as a receipt for your deposit.  This form will also detail the balance of payment outstanding.
Pay the remaining balance by 
your preferred method at least 14 days prior to your party date. (Please Note: We will not attend if full payment has not been received)

Download the Bus Ticket invitations & invite your guests

Wait excitedly for the bus to arrive then HAVE FUN!