Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you Have Insurance?

Yes, Lincoln Fun Bus Has full motor insurance and £2million Public Liability Insurance.

2. Do you drive the children around?

As the majority of the seats were removed during conversion, the bus is no longer a passenger carrying vehicle.

3. How many children is the bus suitable for and what age group?

 The Lincoln Fun Bus is suitable for up to 18 children, aged between 3 and 8, although we do need to reduce numbers to 16 for children aged 3 & 4 who require additional parental supervision.

4. Are the birthday child's siblings allowed to the party if they are younger than 3 or older then 8?

Siblings outside of the recommended age group are more than welcome to join the party, just remember to include them within your total number of attendees.

5. I want to invite more children than the maximum number allowed, what are my options?

We have attended parties where more than 18 children have been invited.  At these parties there are often either other attractions, such as Bouncy Castles/Face painters/ Indoor Games or crafts etc. taking place in addition to the bus.  In these instances the children can be organised into groups between each of the attractions to manage numbers on board.  Additional bottles/flags and badges and additional snacks can be provided at an additional cost if necessary.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

6. Are the children safe on the bus?

Safety is our No. 1 concern; therefore, we have specific rules of play to ensure the safety of all of our guests.  There will also be a driver and a conductor on board to assist with your party/event. Both of these employees have had DBS checks completed and received paediatric first aid training.  In addition to this we require two responsible adults for each booking to supervise the children, both on and off the bus.  The bus is also fitted with CCTV so parents can rest assured that the the children are safe when playing on the upper deck of the bus.  We also create a safety area around the bus doors for added protection.

7.  Who is responsible for the supervision of the children?

You, as the hirer, must ensure that two adults are present to supervise the children at all times.

8.  Has the bus got toilet facilities?

No - The use of space on the bus has been maximised for fun play.   You, as the hirer, should ensure that both toilet and hand washing facilities are close by and that one of the responsible adults is available to supervise the children when using these facilities.  We also encourage children to make use of these facilities prior to boarding the bus to ensure maximum play time.     


9.  Where can the bus park?

The bus will usually park outside of your house.  The bus will need enough room to manoeuvre and takes up to 5 car parking spaces.  It will need to park safely without restricting other road users access.  We do ask also that you give consideration to any obstructive trees with low branches or any other restrictions which may prevent us from parking.

10.   What if my property is not suitable?

If you don't think it's possible for the bus to travel down your street or road,then maybe you have a relative or friend with a more suitable location.  Failing that we recommend that you arrange a suitable location such as a pub car park, village hall/community centre car park etc.  Please bear in mind that your chosen location must have access to a power source and a toilet.  You, as the hirer, are responsible for any fees incurred if parking the bus at an alternative location.  Please check out the suggestions on our Venue tab for suitable locations.

11.  What about the weather?

The play-bus is a self-contained play area and so is not affected by the weather.  Once inside it doesn't matter if it rains or shines.  The bus has heating for when the temperature is low and cooling fans for when it gets hot.  The bus has full interior lighting so you can hold your party even when it's dark outside, during the winter months.

12. Do you need an external power supply?

Yes - whilst the bus has its own power supply we will need to boost this during the period of the party.  We provide the appropriate power leads; we just need you to ensure access to an electricity point at the venue.